Cool Yule - Christmas with Ali Bodycoat and Libby Hammer

Jazz Fremantle
2nd Floor, Navy Club, 64 High St, Fremantle

Dates & Times

Sunday, 8th December 2019
  • 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Band line-up
Ali Bodycoat and Libby Hammer

Perth’s best-loved jazz singers, the ever gracious and gorgeous Ali Bodycoat and Libby Hammer, have been described as two ‘superbly polished’ glorious local hummingbirds. Always joyous and fabulously tongue in cheek, these queens perform an eclectic and often mismatched assortment of compositions cherry-picked from the great American Songbook and further afield. 

Having performed together now for over twenty years, the singers enjoy a musical companionship and chemistry that few others in the WA scene can claim. Their musical projects over the years have paid tribute to many of the jazz greats, performers and composers alike. Today’s performance will feature music from the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas! Celebratory or sentimental, come prepared for some feel-good frolics, and maybe even a bit of a singalong.