Libby's 16 years of industry experience have seen her perform thousands of performances and teach thousands of music lessons. The next few pages provide more details on these three main areas of Libby's work.


Libby leads several working jazz ensembles ranging from a duo to a big band. She also leads an a cappella vocal quartet.


Over the years, Libby has presented many themed shows featuring different topics, genres, or the work of various singers, composers and lyricists. Like most jazz musicians, Libby also acts as a freelance musician, performing with bands that are pulled together for one-off performances or as a guest with other established ensembles. She has also played roles as varied as guest soloist with a symphony orchestra to that of a vocal 'instrumentalist' in a festival performance of an improvised avant-garde musical game piece. More recently, Libby has made a return to acting in professional improvised theatre.


Libby is a passionate vocal coach and mentor. She teaches privately from her home in Wembley, Western Australia as well as at several private schools. She also runs inspiring and fun workshops aimed at singers and performers of all levels.

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