In her professional jazz singing career so far, Libby Hammer has performed thousands of concerts and inspired thousands of music students. Performing professionally from a very young age, as well as serving on music committees in her adult life, Libby has extensive knowledge of her craft and the business of being a performer. Libby's stories and ideas about music and performance speak volumes about the value of perseverance, hard work, a can-do attitude and a non-negotiable dream.

Whether it be one-on-one music tuition, specialist workshops for music professionals or music and movement for children, Libby is inspiring and energetic and conducts all her teaching in a friendly, safe and welcoming atmosphere.


Libby can develop workshops to suit most ages and demographics. Workshops can cover topics such as vocal technique, jazz vocal style, vocal improvisation, stage craft, stage fright, music theory and ear training. Although both educational and fun, workshops can be angled to be more educational or more fun, depending on your needs.

Libby is not currently running any workshops that are available to the public. If you would like to enquire about booking a workshop for your school, community group or business, please click here.


Libby teaches singing and beginner piano privately from her home in Wembley, Perth, Western Australia. Due to her busy performance schedule, Libby teaches on a casual basis without reference to university or school dates.

Singing lessons are led with an emphasis on good vocal technique, drawing on techniques from all of Libby's past and present teachers - jazz, contemporary and classical. Jazz style is her specialty, but she also has students doing a wide range of pop and musical theatre repertoire. Students of all ages and abilities are accepted.

Libby also teaches music theory and beginner piano. Her own childhood memories of piano lessons are probably familiar to most people - sight reading, sight reading and more sight reading. And although Libby does expect her piano students to develop good sight reading skills, she also believes that students should understand harmony and develop good aural skills, which all lead to better musicianship, deeper enjoyment of playing and a problem-solving attitude that in turn leads to quicker learning and memorisation.

Libby will tailor your lessons to suit you and your requirements, so don't hesitate to enquire.

"I once heard someone say that the best teachers are the ones who have had to learn their craft the hard way. I am still learning about the many wondrous aspects of singing, and I imagine that journey will last for the rest of my life. Although everyone's journey is unique, I have found that singers tend to experience the same obstacles, whether it be technique, lyric-learning or even nerves. I take a problem-solving approach to my students' vocal issues and equip them with the strategies they need to overcome each challenge as it arises. I also firmly believe that singers should take responsibility for the use of their instrument, as does any true musician, regardless of which instrument they play. Though sometimes it can be a slow road, I find that singers are most rewarded when they start to become musicians in the real sense." Libby Hammer

Here's what Libby's students say about her lessons...

"I have just started on my singing journey with Libby, but right from the start it was clear that she is going to help me really grow both as a singer and performer. She's got all the technical stuff down, and she knows how to apply it practically in a way that suits me and what I want to achieve. But above all, I find her really inspiring and a lot of fun to hang out with." Alistair

"Libby Hammer always brings a fun, relaxing atmosphere to each singing lesson I attend. Each time I leave, I feel I have learnt something new about my voice, and I can't wait to get home and explore it further. She's a truly talented teacher, and an inspirational singer we can all admire." Lucia

"Can I take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all that you have done for me this semester? You have taught me SO MUCH and given me so many tools to work with on my singing journey as well as inspiring me with your frankness and honesty about your own journey. You are one impressive lady." Lucy

"Libby is an extraordinary teacher with loads of talent. Her music knowledge and interpretation of songs are willingly shared, and she encourages you to try new things. Her enthusiasm and generosity to students is obvious from the start, and I always come away from lessons enthused, excited and challenged. Libby is also fun to be with and I look forward to every lesson." Lisa

"I would recommend Libby as a voice teacher without hesitation. I have had lessons from quite a few different teachers over the years - including both conservatory-level classical teachers and jazz singers - and Libby has been the best of the bunch. I have made far more progress on my vocal technique while studying with Libby than I have with any other teacher. I believe this is primarily due to her ability to sense how I will best understand what challenges I'm up against at any given time, and how I can best tackle them." Michael

"A focused, supportive and intelligent teacher, Libby¹s experience and friendly nature really shine through in her teaching. Libby¹s academic education, stylistic experience, understanding of vocal technique, performance experience and savvy understanding of the music biz define her credibility. However, Libby combines this with an open attitude and her great capacity to communicate and the result is direct and structured translations that are delivered according to the students needs. Libby plays piano and has a vast resource of music, backings, listening material, various worksheets she has compiled and passion and excitement to boot." Shelly

"Just a little note to say thank you so much for adjudicating at the vocal festival today. Your comments were spot-on and exactly the right blend of positivity, encouragement and advice. Thank you - we will definitely use you again!" School Of Instrumental Music, Western Australia

"Libby, I really enjoy working with you because everytime I learn something - not just musically but more importantly concerning leadership. You are one of the great band-leaders in Perth and constantly create great opportunties for musicians to perform at a high level. I am currently leading eight different bands - but in watching you work I have realised that I have HEAPS to learn! Thanks for your musicianship and mentorship and looking forward to working with you again in the future. (PS, sorry if this email sounds a bit 'gushy' but I feel great leadership is something that far too often goes unnoticed and unpraised!)" Jon


Libby started formally studying jazz in 1993. She gained a Certificate IV of Jazz that year, and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance and Arranging in 1997, both from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University in Mount Lawley, Western Australia. Since 1993 she has studied voice under the following teachers:

Annie Neil - tutor at WAAPA in Jazz and Contemporary Music
Helen Matthews - one of Australia's finest jazz singers, past tutor at WAAPA for Jazz and Musical Theatre Departments.
James Brookes - classical and musical theatre voice tutor, WA Opera Studio
Janice Taylor-Warne - Australian Opera, past tutor at WAAPA Classical Department
Ros Barnes - private speech pathologist and voice coach, consultant to WAAPA and the National Voice Centre in Sydney
Sue Kingham - tutor at the WA Academy of Performing Arts in Jazz and Contemporary Music

Libby has also taken one-off private lessons from the following teachers:

Alison Wedding - award-winning jazz vocalist, New York, NY
Bob Stoloff - Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Dominique Eade - New England Conservatory, Boston, MA
Gian Slater - Freedman Fellowship Finalist, Melbourne
Leigh McRae - former high-level Seth Riggs Associate and speech level singing expert, Sydney, Australia
Lisa Thorson - Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Michelle Nicolle - award-winning jazz vocalist, tutor at Victorian College of the Arts, Monash University and Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium, Melbourne, Australia
Mike Campbell - Vocal Program Director of Musicians' Institute, Hollywood, California, USA
Nancy Marano - Manhattan School of Music, NY
Spencer Welch - Certified Speech Level Singing Master Instructor

Libby taught jazz vocals at WAAPA from 2005 until 2009 and has taught at the Stage Door School of Performing Arts (Subiaco), Saint Mary's Anglican Girls' School (Karrinyup) and Scotch College (Swanbourne). Libby has run Professional Development Workshops for secondary school voice teachers and regularly adjudicates at singing competitions and festivals such as the School Of Instrumental Music's Annual Vocal Festival and the City of Bunbury Eisteddfod. Libby also regularly teaches at JazzWA's annual jazz camps for high school students and was a judge on local televised singing competition Perth Star in 2010.